Chemical Seal

Brand: Switzer
Product Code: Chemical Seal



Switzer offers a variety of Chemical Seals for use with its range of Pressure, Differential Pressure Switches and Differential Pressure Indicators, for applications where corrosive, highly viscous or slurry process media are encountered.

Since total isolation is provided by the chemical seal, hazard of leakage of corrosive and dangerous chemicals is reduced.

The design principles applied to Switzer Chemical Seals ensure process pressure variations to be precisely transmitted to the instrument’s sensing element without its coming in contact with the process medium.

The seal, capillary in the case of remote seals and pressure sensing element of the instrument are carefully filled with suitable pressure transfer fluid. Any pressure applied to the seal diaphragm is hydraulically transmitted to the pressure sensing element.

Besides the protection provided by isolating the process medium from the instrument, the chemical seal can also be used as a protection against high process temperatures, pulsations / vibrations.

A Chemical Seal extends the service life of the instrument, eliminates repetitive replacements and reduces maintenance costs. Thus its initial investment cost will be recovered in a short duration.


Chemical Seal

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