Loop Powered Indicator

Brand: Switzer
Product Code: 5105



Model 5105 Loop Powered Indicator is designed to be powered on with loop current and without any additional power source. The instrument is a 2–wire indicator for 4–20mA process signals to display any process value. Process variable parameters such as pressure, temperature, flow, level, weight, volume, frequency and percentage can be shown on the display. The display can be set to show upto 19999 counts when “No Unit” option is selected during calibration.

The micro-controller based design facilitates a high accuracy, flexible user friendly digital calibration, very low loop voltage drop, multiple engineering units selection with a wide calibration range of –9999 to 19999 counts. The display is a 1 × 8 character LCD which can display both numerals and alphabets for easy readability.

The instrument is housed and offered as Flameproof / Weatherproof models.

Loop Powered Indicator

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