FSM-6100 for Industrial heat exchangers

Brand: Switzer
Product Code: CM



Detects the “no flow” condition of liquid carrying flow lines entering industrial heat exchangers (water chillers or heaters).The signals from flow switch prevents system failure (e.g. Chiller freezing)
Operational controls of pumps, burners and motorized valves in additive pumping and other commercial flow lines to avoid system failure upon lack of water or liquid supply


Special features
Switch point repeatability of ≤ 5% for reliable switching
High quality bellows & micro switch for endurance > 500,000 cycles
Stainless steel paddles with rigid construction to withstand pressure surges and high media temperatures


The model FSM-6100 is an electromechanical flow switch designed for "no flow" detection of water or any non-corrosive liquids entering industrial chillers, heaters or any commercial flow lines. The signal from the flow switch is been used for operational controls that prevents system failure.
FSM-6100 is an economical flow switch that comes with a plastic cover and IP30 protection to prevent accidental intrusions.
The model FSM-6100 is equipped with high quality UL certified micro switch and protective bellows to ensure high endurance with durable operation and long service life.
The flow range options with line sizes from 25 ... 150 NB enables for variable applications to detect the flow in non-critical areas.

FSM-6100 for Industrial heat exchangers

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