ETR Series

Brand: Indfos
Product Code: ETR


Model ETR thermostats are manufactured to perform in high temperature ambient and prevailing in the industrial units. 

The power element assembly that actuates the switching mechanism is a sealed thermal system comprised of a bellows and a temperature sensing bulb and capillary tube. The power element system is filled with a liquid / vapour charge selected for the specific application.

Variations in temperature at the bulb (sensing element), cause changes in the pressure within the power element, which in turn actuate the switching mechanism to open or close the desired electrical circuit. Potential free changeover contacts rated for 16 Amp, 250 V AC are provided for switching and control purpose. A graduated scale allows the user to set the actuating temperature accurately. The on-off differential (Dead band) is a fixed minimum value and is essentially constant so that the cut-in value follows the cut-out value within the dead band.

ETR thermostats find applications in temperature control of :

 - Gas Heaters ( Defrost & Non defrost type )
 - Electrostatic Precipitators
 - Other Industrial Heating Controls


ETR Series

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