Level Switch

Brand: Switzer
Product Code: 5716


Switzer level switch model 5716 is suitable for detecting high or low level of bulk solids, in storage applications. The level detection is done based on RF capacitance principle using micro processor based measuring circuit.

The sensing probe unit is built with two elements of positive and negative electrode as a single rigid rod construction. The separtion of the electrodes are done by using either PTFE or ceramic material depending on the temperature of the media.

The negative element of probe called GUARD is always in contact with vessel wall through process connection. The tip of the probe acts as the sensing element.

Whenever the process media comes into contact with the sensing part, capacitance value changes which will lead to actuation of relay.

The probe part will have pulse amplifier circuit on the probe head which is connected to the remote control circuit through 2-core cable.

Both the circuits are housed in a IP65 compliant weatherproof aluminium enclosure.

Level Switch

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