Level Switch

Brand: Switzer
Product Code: 5715


Level switch model 5715 is specifically designed to suit low or high level detection of material having low dielectric constant such as flyash, fine dust, powders, etc.,

The level switch work on the principle of RF capacitance sensing method. The instrument is constructed as two parts – Probe and Remote control electronics.

The probe part acts as a sensor which has three elements which are Sensing, Shield and Guard elements. Each section of probe is isolated by an insulated barrier.

The guard always is in contact with the vessel body through the process connection. This acts as a common reference electrode to measure the capacitance between sensing probe and guard.

The electronics detects the difference in capacitance and the relay is activated when the capacitance reaches the set value.

The calibration methodology is a unique concept and is a one touch calibration process utilising a micro controller without any traditional potentiometer.

The entire circuitry is housed in a IP:65 compliant weatherproof enclosure suitable for surface / wall (or) pipe mounting.

Level Switch

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