Brand: Indfos
Product Code: PSM-520


The model PSM-520 pressure switch is an electro mechanical instrument that senses changes in pressure and provides electrical on-off contact at predetermined pressure values.


The PSM-520 may be used to energise an alarm or directly control the process by cycling pumps, shifting valves etc. In an alarm application, the switch supports valuable equipment by signalling an alarm. In direct control applications, the switch can be linked electrically to other equipment.


PSM-520 pressure switches are designed for use with oil, water, air, steam and other non-corrosive pressure media. They are not suitable for use with refrigerant gases. This pressure switch is cost-effective and used in a wide variety of applications such as pumps, compressors, turbines, lubrication systems and condensers.

PSM-520 switches find applications in :

  • Automatic start/stop of pump
  • Water treatment filtration system
  • Chillers (water/air cooled)
  • Lubrication oil skids


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